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Summer Residential Massage Course

Being Love and Love Being • Co. Wicklow

22nd and 28th of August 2009

By the end of 7 days I can guarantee that everyone will be able to give beautiful and meditative massages. Everyone leaves the course richer for the experience and with a skill that I believe every human should possess. A skill that will, with practice, become intuitive, that you can use and apply in many circumstances with any body for a healing outcome. Massage is good for anyone with a body. So, everyone can benefit from this creative art.

These really are massage-personal journey courses with a difference. If you just want to learn the strokes and how to apply them mechanically, please find a different course. If you want to learn the strokes, their application and go on a deeply transformational body and mind journey that will not only give you a fantastic life skill but also challenge you and enable you to deeply change and grow perhaps this is the course for you. Whether you are a total beginner or already practice massage is inconsequential.

I have written in depth about my philosophy and approach to massage in the article: Massage | A Profound Journey of Discovery

For details of the next 7 day summer residential massage course in Co. Kilkenny please ring or email me!

All bookings by July 15th . Places are limited so early booking is essential!

Photo by Ernesta Vala on Unsplash

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