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Massage with Meditation & Mindfulness.

Summer residential massage course in Co. Wicklow

August 22th – 28th 2009

By teaching massage with meditation and mindfulness, I invite you to listen deeply to the truth and the intuitive wisdom of your own body.

This simple yet profound understanding will help you in all areas of your life and in your work with others.

Having worked in this field for over 25 years, I believe that we all have the potential to heal and to positively change our lives. My effortless learning approach works from the heart with mind, body and spirit.

During these 7 days there is time and space to explore your relationship to your own body through the powerful mediums of massage, meditation and mindfulness. Much of the time on this course is spent lying down, relaxing and being massaged!

This workshop offers you an opportunity to really slow down and tune into your own unique body rhythms and to explore what your body needs to communicate to you through its own language of subtle movement, breathing patterns and feelings. You will learn to identify and unlock the stresses and tensions in your body.

Massage, meditation and mindfulness are important skills that we all need to know, because if you can learn to really listen to and listen with your own body you will be greatly empowered in your journey through life. Your body will always guide you in the right direction, and decisions and choices become greatly simplified.

I teach massage using breath awareness, mindfulness, meditation and gentle movement to enable participants to learn practical skills in an effortless way.

By the end of this course everyone will be able to work with massage with sensitivity, skill and awareness. Everyone will be able to give a wonderful full body massage.

Each day will start with meditation at 8 am. (optional )

The sessions are from 10am till 6pm with breaks for lunch and refreshments. There may be some optional evening events. The food is delicious and organic vegetarian. Our cook will be Daniel Walsh.

The course will be in a beautiful residence in Co. Wicklow surrounded by acres of glorious woodlands, streams and gardens to uplift and nourish your spirit.

Being out in Nature is vital to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being, it helps us to slow down and unwind …there will be plenty of time dedicated to that!
Please wear comfortable loose clothing and bring all weather outdoor gear and walking boots.

The accommodation is in basic single rooms. Bring your own duvet cover, sheets, pillow -cases and towels.

This 7-day course costs €750.00 including accommodation and wonderful wholesome food.

Basic massage oils are provided, bring your own if desired.

Many therapists, counselors and nurses have enhanced their work by learning this deeply meditative hands- on healing approach.

Some comments from past students:

“Magic happens, with Judith … you are in safe hands!” A.L. Dublin

“When you work with your hands as well as your heart, deep healing is truly possible.” D.D.Bray

“I would never have thought that I could learn so much massage and much more in just 7 days. Judith is a wonderful teacher.” M.M.Dublin

“ I left feeling deeply healed, relaxed and with a great skill to share with others, it has enriched my life ! ” Y.B.Dublin

This residential course provides a supportive space for learning, personal growth, inter-action and sharing.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

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