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Exhibition • Mosaic Metaphors…

“I will be exhibiting my Mosaics in Butler House Gardens, St. Patrick’s Street, Klkenny from 7th of August to the 16th as part of Kilkenny Arts Week.  Please drop by for a chat and I would be delighted to show you my work.”

As a massage therapist and psychotherapist the art of healing and transformation of the spirit has been my interest.. for the last 30 years. I believe in the power of change and transformation whatever situation one finds onself in.

For me the process of creativity allows one to naturally de-stress and to unconsciously fall into a meditative state of mindful awareness where time disappears and the mind and body relax. The incessant chatter of the busy mind slows and one experiences a natural sense of independent well- being and harmony within. (meditation not medication.)

These mosaics are created in silence with colours to uplift the spirit. They bring with them the beauty, healing intent and the peace and calm that went into their creation.they are the results of meditation in action.

Some are made from second hand tables, mirrors and things picked up here and there discarded objects that were deemed of no value and way past their best….beyond repair, to be thrown on the scrap heap and forgotten for ever. Their history was not valued or the fact that they could be reborn in beauty and colour.

For me they are all symbols of transformation and that with time, effort, love & intention they have become objects of beauty and value to be treasured and appreciated.

Like these objects, we all have great potential within. We all have inner beauty and qualities, we just need to let them shine through and live them. Enlightenment of the spirit is our true condition and love our true nature.

They were presented in an exhibition organised by the Crafts Council in Kilkenny, in August 2011, and they could be seen this autumn an exhibition in Kilkenny.

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