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The Path of Love

I have worked with the Path of Love, The Way of the Heart most of my life and wish to share what I have learned with you to help you find peace and happiness. I have been travelling in the outer and inner worlds for many years now, have studied and trained in many rich and diverse teachings and I have walked and stumbled on my own spiritual path.

After studying languages & literature at university in England and feeling disillusioned, I changed direction and trained in massage, Reichian bodywork and humanistic psychology and will be forever grateful for the many years spent studying with Gerda Boyesen, who taught me to listen to the wisdom of the body and to express the deepest parts of my being when I was only 24. Gerda was the first person who gave me permission and courage to step out of the mundane into the mystical. I then studied esoteric and metaphysical healing science with Bob Moore for 15 years. I was inspired by the work of Ramana Mahrashi and then travelled in 1979 to Poona, India to be with Osho, who gave me the name, Ma Prem Lalit which means Beautiful Love. In London I spent many years with the Sufi master, Irina Tweedie. Then, years later, when I was living in rural Ireland with my two young sons, I met Sri Vasudeva. I feel so grateful and blessed to have met such teachers who all helped me to experience and understand the Path of Love, The Way of The Heart.

The Path of Love, The Way of the Heart is like a flowing river which carries us all inevitably along its course. Sometimes, it seems to flow smoothly, other times, turbulently. It helps if you have a teacher who knows how to navigate the path wisely and who can teach you the skills and resources necessary to remain calm and open and to reside in the domain of the Heart. Then and only then will you flow with a new consciousness which liberates you from suffering. As you learn to cultivate loving detachment and accept the dramas of life with the wisdom of your Heart you will gradually begin to wake you up to your true nature. This is a natural progression and available for all who are open to the process.

The key to understanding this path, is the realisation that we are already whole, perfect and deeply loved. We are created in Love and that perfect love resides in our mystical Heart and is always there simply waiting to be activated and experienced. Love is our true nature and is already eternally present. When we feel separated from this reality and alone, we seek solace outside ourselves. This only increases and perpetuates our suffering since we constantly search for the love that is already ours. If you are curious about this, then I can help you to experience this reality.

I have been working with individuals and have been teaching groups for the last 35 years and have developed my own unique way which is an eclectic blend of massage, integrated bodywork, meditation, playful creativity, movement, psychology and the sacred. I can gently guide you on this path which will nourish your soul, heal your heart and awaken you to your true nature.

I have been living in Ireland since 1987. It has not always been easy. I wanted to leave many times but knew I had to,   “bloom where I was planted”.

This is one of my favourite quotes: ”You do not need to leave your room, remain sitting at your table and listen, simply wait. Do not even wait, be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet .” Franz Kafka.

On Good Friday 1993 I gave birth to Anna. She lived for one day and died on Easter Sunday. It was a great teaching. This channelled prayer I read at her funeral:

Anna’s Prayer .

My name is Anna and even though you don’t understand, I came to bring you love. Everybody that is here now, go into your hearts and feel this love. Open yourselves up. It is not a question of allowing it to be there, it is already there. Be very quiet and very still, let yourselves feel and right now I am helping you do this.

Things are really very simple. Don’t waste time, don’t reproach, don’t harbour negative thoughts. Be in your hearts, and even though there may be pain and sadness, love and light in the universe is stronger than all the rest. The way the sunshine dissolves the mist and the day gets very clear, all of you can get very clear.

Be open and trust and be silent from time to time.

I tell you nothing more. That’s that. It’s as simple as that.

Bless you all and I go in peace.

Anna. 09 April 9 — 11 April 93

This is what I have done in the years of being a massage therapist, a psychotherapist, a single mother, an artist, a dancer, a carer, a meditator  and a gardener. I know this to be true and I invite you to join me on the Path of Love. The Way of the Heart… an adventure of transformation.

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